It's time to get connected.

There's a place for everyone here at Trinity! Read more about our church's ministries to see which one is right for you

Young Adults

Encounter Young Adults 18-30 meet regularly to connect with eachother through fun social activities and events that will help them grow in their relationship with God

Mens and Womens groups

Our men's and women's groups meet every 4th Wednesday of the month at church. We engage in separate Bible studies, dedicated to encouraging both men and women  in their everyday lives through Christ-centered relationships and discussions on practical Biblical issues


Our Burden Bears Project is an outreach ministry of Trinity’s seniors,  in which they meet every Tuesday morning at the church in order to stuff and sew teddy bears for those experiencing life’s difficulty.


At Trinity we feel outreach is very important; it's just one of the many ways we get to experience, demonstrate and share God's great gospel! All of our ministries and members, young and old, are involved in our different outreach programs like NOW Youngstown, a program consisting of many churches in our area coming together to help share about our Lord and rebuild our community, hosting a Vacation Bible School, and helping out at our local Soup Kitchens